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$600 stimulus check. What to do with it...?

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  • $600 stimulus check. What to do with it...?

    I got a notice of a pending deposit in my account of $600 by the US Treasury on January 4th, 2021.

    I'm fortunate. My family and I are healthy, and despite being off work on a shut-down for 2 months, I have NOT been financially harmed by Covid-19 (Contollavirous).

    Politically I am against ANY so-called stimulus check, as we are borrowing this money from the future. (See ) .

    That said, our elected employees in D.C. have sent me it. What to do with it...?

    I ordered AR500 body armor ,( and I'm going to compete in the "Talladega 600" matches ( ) in about 2 weeks.

    I was going to do the above ANYWAY, but now it's just added to the National Debt.

    What will you do with your $600?

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    Buy ammo... :-)
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