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Let's see those Black Rifles! Here are a couple of mine.

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    This is my work in progress have a few other black rifles but this is the only one that I own wich falls in the stoner family


    • Helloooo from the TX/Mexico boarder!

      Recently got my MUR upper installed on the SBR. Provides a perceptible increase in accuracy, especially with the can on.


      • Just rounding off the collection, this should dispel any question about the 2 divorces, third times a charm :?

        SCAR 17s
        PWS extended rail
        Magpul AFG and Moe Stubby
        Aimpoint M3
        Vortex 3x magnifier w/ Larue FTS mount perfect co witness when flipped to the side
        Geiselle 2 stage Super scar trigger group
        Surefire M952 Tactical light/pressure on off switch
        Blue force 2 point padded sling
        Pelican 1720

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        • Just finished up a 300blk build. Psyched to put this through its paces this summer :twisted:


          • Finished up the blackout build and got the SOCOM 762 mini can in from Surefire :twisted:

            Finished up another new build over the weekend, 10.5" SBR.

            With my 11.5"

            And some other stuff


            • Sweet!

              What's the optic on the Blackout?


              • It is the Weaver 1-5x24 with CIRT reticle. I've had Nightforce 1-4x24 and 2.5-10x24 and 2.5-10x32 and I think this thing is a real NF killer. For almost half the price ($650).

                The CIRT has values calibrated for 5.56 but they're pretty easily calculated for 110gr Black Tip as well using Bullet Flight, iSnipe, etc.

                The stainless bbl and 1-5 make for a super accurate little gun. 5 rounds at 50, Barnes 110gr (obviously before I centered windage)


                • ^ Thanks for the details!!!


                  • I have got to save some pennies to get into the suppressor game!

                    This weekend I'm going to be delving into firearms painting with finishing up the wife's AR build, we'll see how that goes :lol:

                    Just realized I had never posted up a pic of the wife's AR after painting the furniture and helping her build it.


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                    • A couple new ones, although one isn't 'black' so I'm not sure if it's allowed in this thread


                      • ooooohhhhh perdy!!!!


                        • Figured while I'm here I'll play.

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                          • Pyzik...Nice!!!
                            Geri @ Cope's Distributing