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Hunting Ohio deer season with AR Pistol ?

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  • Hunting Ohio deer season with AR Pistol ?

    Is it legal to use a AR Pistol in Ohio for deer if you stick too hunting pistol rules ( .357 cal. and larger , straight wall , 5 inch and longer barrel ) ? I can't find a clear anser online Thanks ... Jeff

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    Welcome aboard!

    I can't answer your question authoritatively, but I'd guess "yes" in that AR Pistol probably qualifies (although the pure ATF definition may not precisely cover it) as an SBR, and about all you really can worry about is the straight-wall case. (Qualifies as a pistol, too .)

    I'm sure we've got somebody here who can give you a definitive statement. When I thought about it (I'm not a hunter), it seemed like my full-sized 1911's would "fit", but I think there was a zinger in there somemplace. My Officer's sized 1911 wouldn't make it on the barrel length...

    There's a sticky at that you should have a look at, but it's not mandatory, and may be sleep inducing. No need to go past the first couple pages....

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      Thanks ... Stu Will be looking forward enjoying this Association ...


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        I can't help either,,,,but I'm sure there would be limits on rounds in the mag.



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          I meant to double check ODNR regulations but what the OP described using should certainly be legal.
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            I think as long as you met the barrel length and caliber requirement it would be fine.
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              I can't help either,,,,but I'm sure there would be limits on rounds in the mag.


              Nope, no mag capacity limits :-)....if you can find a 100 round 450 bushmaster beta magazine you are free to use it :-).
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                Good dear enjoy