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Teen Barely Survives After Driving ATV Into Barbed Wire

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  • Teen Barely Survives After Driving ATV Into Barbed Wire

    To say this guy is lucky to be alive after his ATV accident is the understatement of the century.

    A South Arkansas teen saw his life flash before his eyes when he drove into an unmarked barbed wire fence on his ATV. Because there were no signs or flags, he drove through it at full speed moments before barbed wire wrapped around his neck and snatched him off the machine.

    "I'm blessed that I'm still here. I would have bled out right there," 16-year-old Dakoda Cartwright told FOX16 KLRT. "You just couldn't see it. It was at the perfect height to hit someone in the neck."

    Cartwright believes hunters left the wire, which ran from the trail's entrance down along the county road, and asks locals to mark their barbed wire so no other off-road riders end up in the same position.

    "It came off that big tree and just wrapped around my neck," he said. "All I remember feeling was it like grabbing my neck and yanking me."
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    Wow...!! Lucky indeed!
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      The appropriate response is to cite the kid for operating the ATV off of officially marked and legislatively approved roadways, disregarding a visible obstruction in the roadway (and put up a sign NOW, and then cite him). Also driving the ATV too fast for conditions (I presume that "barbed wire across roadway" is a condition). The fix is simple: License all ATV drivers, restrict the horsepower, fuel quantities, etc., against the time of day and other difficult/impossible to monitor conditions. I'm sure we can think of a few others.... (Seat belts on the ATV, for example.)

      Or, go after the folks who put the wire there.... But that'd be too simple....

      Exposure to all this liberal thought has finally done it. I have to go trade my .45 in on a .44....

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