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  • Appleseed Schedule 2013

    Here is the 2013 schedule of Appleseed events as of today. Check back often, as more shoots are being planned and will be added to this list as they are confirmed with the ranges.

    For more information, and to register for an event:[/
    Please note: See our pricing information for the cost to attend an Appleseed Event.
    NOTE : Online registration ends 24 hours prior to the event, in order to process paper work. If you miss it, you can still register at the door!

    March 2013
    Lima, OH Mar 30-Mar 31
    Wilmington, OH Mar 30-Mar 31

    April 2013
    Celina, OH Apr 20-Apr 21
    Miamisburg, OH Apr 20-Apr 21
    New Philadelphia, OH Apr 20-Apr 21
    North Lawrence, OH Apr 20-Apr 21
    Piqua , OH Apr 20-Apr 21

    May 2013
    New Philadelphia, OH May 18-May 19

    June 2013
    Miamisburg, OH Jun 15-Jun 16
    Piqua , OH Jun 15-Jun 16
    Wilmington, OH Jun 29-Jun 30

    July 2013
    North Lawrence, OH Jul 13-Jul 14
    New Philadelphia, OH Jul 20-Jul 21
    Salem, OH Jul 27-Jul 28

    August 2013
    North Lawrence, OH Aug 03-Aug 04
    Piqua, OH Aug 17-Aug 18
    Lima, OH Aug 31-Sep 01
    New Philadelphia, OH Aug 31-Sep 01 (LadySeed)

    September 2013
    Miamisburg, OH Sep 07-Sep 08
    Wilmington, OH Sep 28-Sep 29

    October 2013
    North Lawrence, OH Oct 19-Oct 20
    Piqua , OH Oct 19-Oct 20
    New Philadelphia, OH Oct 26-Oct 27

    November 2013
    Lima OH Nov 02-Nov 03
    Miamisburg OH Nov 09-Nov 10
    New Philadelphia OH Nov 23-Nov 24
    Lima OH Nov 30-Dec 01

    December 2013
    New Philadelphia OH Dec 28-Dec 29

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    Quick link to Ohio schedule with additional links for more information and to register:


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      Hoping to see you on the trail, probably going to try to make either a Briar Rabbit or Tusco event this year.
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        I'll be making an event or two this year.

        Thanks for posting a schedule.


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          As embarrassing as it is for something to come into town and not know about it at all, does anyone here know what all the Celina event entailed, where it was held, and if they're holding one here next year? I've been trying to get things in line to make it to Lima the past couple of years, but things never work out. I don't reckon I could have found an excuse not to go to one here in-town if I had known about it ahead of time.


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            Celina - June 29-30

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              Licking and Muskingum Counties.

              Date: August 24, 2013 - August 25, 2013
              Date: November 09, 2013 - November 10, 2013

              Register here:
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                Celina - June 29-30

                Thanks for the heads up, I had completely missed that. To be honest, I didn't know Zuma Guns was actually on 127, and I actually used to live at 5304 US 127. I think I drove by it every day I took my daughter to school this year. ops: