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2021 Small Arms Firing School, July31-Aug 1st at Camp Perry, OH

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  • 2021 Small Arms Firing School, July31-Aug 1st at Camp Perry, OH

    BEST training value around! You show up with safety glasses and earplugs, THEY supply the rifle, ammo and instruction! Don't just think about it, DO IT.
    Camp Perry, OH is west of Port Clinton, OH.

    I've done both courses. PM me with any questions.

    Your welcome.



    • Basic instruction and firing practice for new shooters
    • Competition skills instruction and range firing for intermediate shooters
    • School concludes with special M16 Rifle EIC Match
    • Personal rifles and ammunition may be used in the class. If you want to be eligible for EIC points, students must use issued firearm and ammunition.

    Rifle students fire prone, sitting and standing position slow or rapid-fire exercises. On the second day, Rifle SAFS students, while still being assisted by their coaches, have a unique opportunity to test their new marksmanship knowledge and skills by firing an M16 Rifle EIC Match that uses the course of fire practiced on the range the previous day. COST

    • Pistol and Rifle: $50.00 for adults, $35.00 for juniors
    • Advanced Pistol School: $20.00 for adults ($15.00 for juniors)
    • Smallbore School: $35.00 for juniors
    • Rimfire School: $35 for adults, $25 for juniors

    For their entry fee, students receive:
    • All instruction
    • An M9 9mm service pistol or an M-16 service rifle to fire in the Pistol and Rifle Schools.
    • Smallbore students can request to borrow a Walther KK300 for the class (please send request to [email protected]).
    • Ammunition for the school
    • USAMU Service Pistol Guide, USAMU International Rifle Marksmanship Guide, CMP Guide to Rimfire Shooting or a Service Rifle Guide
    • SAFS T-shirt
    • SAFS certificate
    • Handout materials

    All Pistol and Rifle SAFS students also receive automatic entry in the M9 Pistol EIC or M16 Rifle EIC Matches at no additional cost, a special EIC match pin and an opportunity to win four EIC credit points.

    Small Arms Firing Schools at the National Matches - Civilian Marksmanship Program (

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    I'm registered for CMP Garand-Springfield-Military Rifle Clinic on the 30th, are you there any that week? I'm up Thursday night, class all day Fri, headed back down to run MY range over the weekend. My youth group is shooting Rimfire and High Power... we are staying on site.
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