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Pop-Up-Target Matches at Camp Perry

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  • Pop-Up-Target Matches at Camp Perry

    Copied this from another thread - really belongs here:

    I realize that this is not for some time, but just to give folks a heads-up so they can mark their calendars - the Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association will be having a weekend of pop-up matches at Camp Perry next Labor Day. There will be a rifle pop-up match on Saturday, 9/5, and a pistol pop-up match on Sunday, 9/6. These matches are always a lot of fun, and it's a great way to help celebrate ORPA's 75th anniversary.

    To give you an idea of what this is like, you can see pictures of matches that the Friends of Camp Perry and ORPA have put on before at

    past events

    You can get details as they become available and information on other matches that ORPA and its member clubs support on the event calendars on ORPA's website:

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    We're getting closer now, although it's still a few months off. Come up to Camp Perry Labor Day weekend and help celebrate ORPA's 75th Anniversary and have fun with pop-up targets. The rifle pop-up target match is Saturday, 9/5, and the pistol pop-up target match is Sunday, 9/6. Make sure you get there early - these events are generally very popular. The first post in this thread has links to pictures from previous matches to give you some idea of what this is like. ORPA membership is required - you can either join beforehand or at the match. Information and an application for ORPA are available under "Join ORPA!" at It's definitely a family-friendly event.

    Another tip, along with getting there early, is to sign up for more than one relay, because people generally find that they want to do it again, and it may be too late at that point. A lot of folks find that it's best to sign up for alternate relays to allow time to reload magazines. We have a lot of people who sign up for the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and sometimes even more.


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      Excellent info! Question, are these pop up targets the same thing as the crazy Ivan targets used by the military?
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        Not sure what those are, but you can see the targets here. These are the pistol targets, but I understand that the rifle targets are similar.


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          I was thinking of something dif. Appreciate the explanation sir!
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            Last reminder of these matches: Pop-up-target rifle match on Saturday, September 5th, and pop-up-target pistol match is on Sunday, September 6th. More information on previous posts in this thread. Only two weeks away!


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              Weather's looking great at Camp Perry this weekend for the pop-up matches. If you're going, I'd get there early.

              weather link


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                Friends of Camp Perry and ORPA will hold the Third Annual Combat Rifle Pop Up Target Shoot on Saturday Nov 28, 2009.

                At the mofified record rifle range on Camp Perry west of Port Clinton, OH. Registration starts at 8AM. Shooting starts at 9AM and runs until 1PM or until all shooters have fired. People line up early before 8AM for this and sign up for multiple relays at registration.

                Each relay will shoot 40 rounds at 40 pop up targets using no larger than .308 caliber ammunition. 16 positions per relay.
                Targets from 50 to 300 yards. Get that battle sight zero on your gun. Targets come up and you have 5 seconds per target to wack'em. Electronic scoring by position is posted quickly after each relay.

                Food and beverages will be available.

                Members of Friends of Camp Perry (FoCP) $10 per relay.
                Non-Member FoCP $15 per relay.
                First Relay $30 with FoCP Membership (FoCP membership is $20)

                Questions - Ralph Reichman 330-468-1287 [email protected]


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                  Pictures from the shoot from the last couple years.



                  Those pop-ups also come 2 at a time (like one at 50 meters and the other at 300 meters) and you still only have 5 seconds to engage.


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                    Does anyone have the times for this? I went to the April pistol popup and had a great time. For that event they had a flyer but I can't find it.


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                      Pop-up Shoots 2010

                      Can't get enough of the pop-up shoots? ORPA (Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association) will have a 2 day Labor Day pop-up shoot on Saturday September 4th and Sunday September 5th.

                      Friends of Camp Perry Fall Snowflake Rifle Shoot is tentatively schedule for Saturday November 27th, 2010.

                      Go to ORPA website to get info on their schedule. FoCP does not have times listed for November shoot but I expect it to be the same as 2009.

                      I moved to East Stroudsburg, PA in April so I regretfully expect to miss the Pop-Up shoots. I will have fond memories though. If you can do it - do!


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                        Found them, I think. The ORPC website mentions that Camp Perry matches open at 7:00 for registration and shooting starts at 8:00. Planning on getting there early as it's likely to be a big turnout.


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                          This Labor day weekend 9/3 and 9/4 2011, ORPA will be hosting it's annunal
                          pop-up shoot .
                          On Sat 9/3 the rifle shoot is held .Calibers allowed are .223 cal to .308 NO FULL AUTOS.
                          Suspressed is welcomed 8) , Yardage is 50yds to 300 yds.
                          Each relay is 40 targets of various distances and anywhere from a single target to several multiple targets, poping up for approx 5 seconds. plan on 50 -60 rds. per relay.(of course you can shoot just one rd per target and need only 40 rounds per relay.)

                          some of the rifles used are M-1 Garand, M-14, and clones, m-1carbine,
                          assorted ak's, a BAR, AR's of all types ps 90, mini 14 ......

                          SUNDAY 9/4 IS the PISTOL POP-UP. pistol cal allowed .22 up to .45.
                          Suspressed welcomed 8) . Yardage is 25 yds to 75 yds. single to multple
                          targets. Targets up approx 5 seconds. Each relay is 40 targets. 50-60 rds per relay. ( of course you can shoot just one rd per target and need only 40 rds. per relay.)
                          Go to for more info