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Have you heard of American Marksman?

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  • Have you heard of American Marksman?

    American Marksman is a new, nationwide amateur shooting competition! American Marksman is owned and operated by The Outdoor Channel and will eventually lead into a TV show with the winner receiving a $50,000 Grand Prize.

    The way this works is you register at and participate at a local qualifying range between March 1st and May 31st. You can find the local qualifying range closest to you at The competition is a modified postal match. At the local level a shooter will choose either .22 Pistol, Rifle, or both and will get 2 chances at the course of fire per each firearm selected. For one firearm its $20 and for both it is only $35!

    If you do well enough and progress into the regional competition you will get to shoot multiple different firearms and calibers, all of which WE will provide at that level!

    One of the major draws of this competition is that it is amateur shooters only. No one who has ever been paid, sponsored, or finished in the top 10% in a national championship is eligible to participate. We know there are GREAT amateur shooters all across America! We've designed the local course of fire to be a low barrier of entry but still difficult and challenging. It is so much fun being put under the pressure, testing your skills with a timer, and having the thought of getting $50,000 dollars in your head. If we can get more people involved in the sports we love and the life style we all immerse ourselves in, we all win!

    We have 4 divisions:
    Men's open (17+)
    Women's open (17+)
    Youth (12-16)
    Military/Law Enforcement

    Do any of you think you have what it takes to be the FIRST American Marksman?
    I would love to answer more questions if any of you have any!
    Email: [email protected]