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Why I chose 40 S&W

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    Beer comes in 40's. It must be a sign.
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      .50 AE is just to big to be carried conveniently.

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        I carry a 9mm duty weapon. I have the choice of the 40 or 45. Had a MP 45 used for a backup for a while. However, I did not requalify with the 45 because I do not like the trigger pull on it. I am looking for a 40 with the trigger pull that is just like the Glock. But is not a glock.

        ( I know this is kind of off topic. ) Thanks for the useful info in this post.


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          Sounds like you need an XD to me
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            Yup, XD is probably closest other than the origial SIGMA's before the trigger mechanism was changed to comply with th court order.

            XD, you can't go wrong if you don't mind the grip safety and it's quirks.
            Sounds like you need an XD to me


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              Hey Stew, honestly if you would only be shooting the lightest loads you might as well just stick to .40 S&W. The 10mm is a fantastic round, the semi auto equilant of the .41 magnum, putting it right between .357 and .44 magnum. It is the most powerful round that you can commonly find in a service size handgun. In full size pistols like the 1006 and the G20 is not harsh at all. somewhat like a +P 45 ACP load, as long as you have a proper grip it's very controllable. It's a darn fun rounfd to shoot. I have fired the G29 only once and with double tap loads, that was a fairly snappy combination, but not terrible. Perhaps your local range rents pistols? What are are you in? Thanks and good luck!
              Rhino thank you for the insight! I'm seriously thinking of picking up a g20. As much as I would like a sub compact and make it my main carry rig....I'm chicken LOL. I wish I had a buddy that I could take one to the range and see if it would work for me. Maybe I could buy the 29 and practice with light loads. I don't know. Thank you for the info. Take care. :?:


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                I carry a P229 40 S&W and love the round and gun. Sure, I'm more accurate with my wife's Kimber Custom II .45 ACP, but I can still hit a 4" group at 10 yards with GoldDot (yea I know I suck but the bad guy would still be hurting).

                Personal preferences all around, but I like the 40 S&W in my P229.


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                  The .40 is a fine round. I'm the proud owner of a Glock 23 that accompanies me often in colder weather and for trips to the mountains here ( I am in Utah) but my primary C.C.W. is the XD 9sc.
                  Plenty of rounds at 13+1, or 16+1. I like a 9mm for the controlability of one handed shoooting. I feel I'll most likely be fending of a bad guy with one hand and trying to shoot with the other.
                  If I have time for a good sight picture or a two handed shot, I could put 2 or 3 rounds in almost the same hole.
                  I feel safe with either caliber, or larger.


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                    I've got some of each....

                    .45's, .40's, 9's....

                    IMHO the 9mm's really a "placement" issue.... The modern 9mm JHP is going to ruin somebody's day....

                    The .40 seems to be as good as the .45 for me, although I'd rather shoot a .45. That recoil is snappy.... Otherwise, the extra round or two may be a viable advantage, and guns are generally available in all types. In my case, an M&P40 and a Walther PPS40 are night & day. The PPS40 is just no fun at all to shoot, and uses the Glock-style striker arrangement where the trigger finishes moving the striker back. The M&P is still snappy, but quite tolerable (to some extent because the gun's kinda big), and uses the same striker setup as the XD9SC; the striker does not move backwards during the trigger stroke.

                    (Coins: If you've not tried the M&P40, it's NOT the Glock striker setup at all, but overall is very similar to the Glock designs. The XD's are similar, too....)

                    IMHO, the .45 is not nearly as snappy except in really nasty loads, and a whole lot more comfortable for me to shoot. Besides a bunch of 1911's, I've got an S&W CS45, which is sort of a PPK/S that's an inch thick, and it's quite pleasant to shoot, too. That it's ugly as sin and has other issues is another story. Mostly the DAO first round.... Based on the old M39 design, more or less.

                    IMHO, you can depend on the .40 or .45 to do what you paid for. But, to be honest, the 9mm's not a lot worse. A lot of shooters can't handle the .4x's, or may just be afraid of them. I would not recommend the .40 for a new shooter, but both the 9mm and .45 shouldn't be a problem.

                    What the argument really boils down to is: "Pick something you like".... Out of these three, you really can't lose.

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                      i'd disagree with you statement that usually 85-90% capacity of a 9mm..

                      while this might be true for some guns.. and probably somewhat true for compact's.

                      on a full size (duty) weapon it seems the capacity is really closer to 70-75% 9mm capacity, usually.

                      in that regard it's a nice balance between 9mm and .45.. although i personally prefer 9mm over everything else the modern 9mm JHP offers a lot of stopping power in a small package.

                      this is just my opinion i personally dont like .40.. i feel if a 9mm is not adequate then i'd rather step up to a .45 and skip the .40 altogether.

                      in a SHTF situation they'ed all be good choice but it think the 9mm would still win because of nato.


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                        I've got some of each....

                        What the argument really boils down to is: "Pick something you like".... Out of these three, you really can't lose.


                        I tend to agree with Stu. I don't put much into the discussion one round over another, although my preference is for .40S&W and .45ACP. I've only kept one 9mm in my stable. To me, placement is the much more important factor, but go with what you are comfortable with.

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                          When the .40 came out, many gun manufactures built the .40 on an existing 9mm frame, this is why the .40 seems snappy in many handguns. Ive found that the .40 shoots well out of heavier handguns such as the sig or guns that were designed for the .40 round such as the M&P.
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                            Well that depends on whether or not you believe that the .40 is up to .45 acp specs! In any case, the .357 Mag. with the right defensive ammo is still #1.

                            You could ask: Which one is better, the .357 Mag. or the .40 (or .45)? The .45 or .40 may serve you better if you are:
                            1. Recoil shy;
                            2. The considerable muzzle blast/flash (especially out of a short barrel) of the magnum is intimidating to you;
                            3. If you need more than just five (or even six) rounds;
                            4. You need to conceal-carry.

                            Then you may be better off with the .40 S&W.
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                              IMHO, the beginner may be better served with a fairly heavy .38Spl than a .357, or either the .45 or 9mm, rather than a .40....

                              I swapped my PPS40 for an M&P40C the other week. Night & day! The little M&P just feels exactly like my full size M&P40, but with a bit more muzzle flip. (OK, a LOT more flip .) Other than the extra couple rounds, my usual 1911's still are more pleasant (they're all steel - not Tupperguns), but tolerable. I'm not sure how a new shooter would like this one, either, though. A nearly identical 9mm (XD9SC) is downright pleasant v.s. either of these .40's, and all of my 1911's seem to provide better "control" (second shot placement, etc.).

                              All of that said, my biggest problem with the .357 is that a lot of people grab a lightweight snubby, and experience the "where the hell did my hand go" problem with the first shot of full loads. Maybe it's me, but IMHO you shouldn't even try to shoot that stuff in anything smaller than the old S&W M10, or maybe the Colt OP.... .38Spl target loads aren't fun in my old Charter "Undercover".... (Lightweight 2" snubby....) But it and the ever-popular J-frame Smiths won't send you off to take up fishing instead .... (I've got an old Combat Magnum - 6" M19 - that's comfortable with full-sized SD loads. Makes you appreciate what S&W was up to. Downside to that gun is that it's too light to handle constant shooting of the hot stuff. Makes a heck of a .38, though!)

                              My litmus test is my daughter.... She's 24 now, and very petite. She doesn't like that XD9SC because of the cloud of smoke and flame the nearly non-existent barrel provides. She's not going to like the M&P40C, either, for the same reason. The full-sized M&P40 is fine with her, as are the smaller 1911's. She loves the M10HB and M19.... And, although it's really a nightstand gun for her, my old M39-2 is also on her "grab it when dad's not looking" list.... (9mm "Commander" sort of thing.)

                              ("Daddy - can I have your stuff when you die?" "Sure, Becka." "When?".... :mrgreen

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                                I know I will catch flack from Stu for saying this, but my preference for CCW is my HP C-9. Yeah, it's ugly...yeah, it was inexpensive...yeah, it's a little heavy...BUT, I have yet to have any failure, it's very accurate, and it's compact size makes it easy to conceal. Not to mention, it beats trying to lug around this huge thing LMAO:


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