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Why I chose 40 S&W

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    Stu, I didn't take that into account about the fixed barrel but will def keep that in mind when I go to buy another hand gun. Thanks for the info on the grips I've got them bookmarked for a future purchase.
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      FWIW, it looks like I am converting to the 40SW. I've been a firm believer in either .45 or .357. I've had a Sig P226/40 for a dozen years but never cared for it, I still have most of the ammo left that I bought with it Thursday I bought a Springfield EMP (40), that's the reduced size 1911. I love it! I have 300 rounds through it and it's just as comfortable to shoot as my full sized steel 1911.

      I have to admit that the ballistics performance chart for the 180 gr .40SW does look good.

      FWIW, Springfield has both a 9mm and 40SW EMP. The 40SW is an all steel frame (32 oz.) whereas the 9mm is an alloy frame that is a half dozen ounces lighter. I think they wisely realized that the 40SW belonged on a 30+ ounce gun.

      I've been carrying the EMP since it arrived.

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        It is currently the standard cop round for most of our local departments.
        I also buy 9mms.


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          Today, I had a Gander Mountain gunsmith extract a stuck empty .40 caliber "WOLF"/Russian cartridge from the camber of my disassembled Beretta 96D. He explained that this "cheap" ammunition that had me bitchin' was coated with laquer, that builds up inside chambers until the cartridges get stuck and have to be extracted with hand tools. So, good guns need good ammo to make them go BLAMMO! This might not be a problem with my Smith & Wesson Sigma, since I can go back to my Gander Mountain gunsmith friend again. He'll make me bitch and whine if he charges me for his labor the next time. :roll:


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            Personal preference for a 1911 many years back, but now for home protection and concealment M&P 9mm, though with the 40 there is a slight difference, but not overall. I shot a Walther PPS and even that was adequate. There are some slight drawbacks with the M&P Shield as in the stock sights (I changed those right away). Recently I was considering a Kahr CM9 but then again, personal preferences came in. The feel was almost like the M&P but I have yet to be convinced.

            Ammo prices just keep going up even for 9mm, Cabelas is vastly overpriced last time I went in.

            There's comfort in 9mm and ease of response over the 40 for myself, quicker shot placement.