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Good Defensive Ammo Choices

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  • Good Defensive Ammo Choices

    Good Defensive Ammo.

    The following listings are some of the very best self defense rounds.


    Barnes XPB 115gr HP (35515) loaded by:
    Cor-Bon (DPX09115)

    Winchester Partition Gold 124gr JHP (RA91P)
    Winchester Ranger-T 124 gr +P JHP (RA9124TP)
    Winchester Ranger-T 127gr JHP +P+ (RA9TA)
    Winchester Ranger-T 147gr JHP (RA9T)

    Speer Gold Dot 124gr JHP +P (53617)
    Speer Gold Dot 147gr JHP (53619)

    Remington Golden Saber 147gr JHP (GS9MMC)

    Federal Tactical 124gr JHP (LE9T1)
    Federal Tactical 135gr JHP +P (LE9T5)
    Federal HST 147gr JHP (P9HST2)

    .40 S&W

    Barnes all-copper bullets (140 & 155gr) loaded by:
    Cor-Bon (DPX40140)

    Winchester Ranger 180gr JHP (RA40T)
    Winchester Ranger 165gr JHP (RA40TA)
    Winchester Partition Gold 165gr JHP (RA401P)

    Speer Gold Dot 155gr JHP (53961)
    Speer Gold Dot 180gr JHP (53966)

    Federal Tactical 165gr JHP (LE40T3)
    Federal Tactical 180gr JHP (LE40T1)
    Federal HST 180gr JHP (P40HST1)

    Remington Golden Saber 180 gr JHP (GS40SWB)


    Barnes XPB 185gr HP (45185) loaded by:
    Cor-Bon (DPX45160)
    Taurus (TCB45ACP185HP)

    Winchester Ranger 230gr JHP (RA45T)
    Winchester Ranger 230gr JHP +P (RA45TP)

    Federal Tactical 230gr JHP (LE45T1)
    Federal HST 230gr +P JHP (P45HST1)

    Speer Gold Dot 230 gr JHP (23966)