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Links for Reloading Supplies/Equipment and Ammo

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    Welcome Aboard!

    Thanks for the post - I don't recall ever hearing about them before. 'Course, remembering Breakfast is on my "to do" list these days, too ....

    There's a sticky at that you may want to take a look at - it's not mandatory, and may be sleep inducing, but it might give you some idea of who's here and how this place works. Or at least who the little dog in my avatar is ....

    (He just jumped off my lap. I can now type with more than a couple fingers....)

    <t>Stu<br><br>(Why write a quick note when you can write a novel?)<br><br>ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒE<br><br>יזכר לא עד פעם</t>


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      I've purchased some stuff from these guys. Lots of Lee reloading equipment. Good prices and fast shipping.


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        Being new to this BFA Forum board, I thought I would just nose around a bit,
        Big mistake!

        First off tried reading various forms, had a hard time breaking the texting codes,
        still haven't mastered that as yet.
        Next trying to play catch-up on all the new models of everything on today's market
        place, and then thus informed that almost everything I own is now considered
        outdated, out of mind, out of sight, and out of use.
        Now I just found out a lot of the companies and products I used have gone
        by the way side as well.

        I think I need a "Back to the Past" Dr. Brown and his time machine.
        So Mote It Be.
        Aging is not for the timid
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          For surplused reloading supplies, I've had very good results with there two.

 - Jeff Bartlett has always been good to deal with.

 - Pats Reloading

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