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Reloading bullets

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  • Reloading bullets

    Anywhere to get. 380 and 9mm?

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    For lead bullets,

    These are good bullets and pretty cheap. Ken45 (I think it was him) told some of us about this place a couple years ago. I know several of us have ordered from there and liked them.

    Their home page is still saying allow 3-4 weeks for your order to be completed. I just checked Midway USA and they are completely out of everything in 9mm and 380. If you're looking for hollow points or fmj, maybe try a couple small shops.

    I have a couple thousand rounds and a few thousand primers, but I'm afraid to shoot anything for now.
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      For 9mm lead try Dry Creek Bullets in Beckely WV.

      I bought 1k of his 9mm 125gr lrn and really liked them only have 450 left. I also bought 1k each of his 45acp 230gr lrn and 38/357 158gr swc. Only loaded a handful so far and they shoot nice also.