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Reloading 22lr

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  • dinstar
    started a topic Reloading 22lr

    Reloading 22lr

    Reload 22LR

    There are a couple video's that explain the process; but at a $200 price tag for the kit. . . I'll wait until it has been proven first.

  • joe sixpack
    Bookmarked but I agree, I'd need to see how it's done, effort required, and of course reliability, if the reloads only fire 50% of the time and take 5 minutes per round it's not practical especially at this price.

    I think I'd rather have a bow or a muzzle loader.

    There already are people who have experimented with reloading rimfires, so we know it "can" be done but I've heard it's not really practical.
    In an emergency situation I suppose you could justify it but like I said would probably go for a bow or BP arm instead.

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