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best cartridge for .308 bolt action

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  • best cartridge for .308 bolt action

    1:10 twist rate, 22in barrel

    I don't reload so does anyone have any favorite factory loads for deer out to say, 300 yds?
    Which bullet weight would work best?

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    300y and less?... Any bullet weight from the 125 nosler BT to a 180gr will work.
    dont use BTHP match bullets due to the fact they may not expand, but hornady 168/178 Amax are fine, personally i would use a all copper like the GMX or barns to keep the lead out the meat


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      I would experiment with hunting rounds starting with 180 grain bullets and going up from there. I would settle on the heaviest that shot the best groups. Those will be best suited for medium and larger game and should be the best performers for a 1:10 twist.
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