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Good, inexpensive reloaded ammo

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  • Good, inexpensive reloaded ammo

    A post some time back on the Utah Concealed Carry Forum pointed me at Freedom Munitions which is out in the eastern Washington - Idaho area.
    I suggest you get on their mailing list. Every once in a while they have a free shipping sale that makes it quite cost effective to buy your practice ammo from them.
    Last spring I had 500 rounds of 9mm dropped off at my door for a lot less than I could get it locally.

    Right now 500 rounds of this (115 gr. RN 9mm) is $97.20 with free shipping until midnight 9/30/14.

    Actually it's free shipping on all orders til the end of the month.
    Check out the rest of the stuff in this weeks sale:

    BTW - I have absolutely no complaints with this stuff.
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    FM is pretty good stuff indeed.

    My failure rate with their 115 gr. 9x19 remans is about double that of WWB, but still plenty acceptable and well under 1%.