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Reloads for Self Defense??

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    Don't reload and don't believe in magic bullets, EDC(LCP)is loaded with Remington Express FMJ. I bought 5 boxes on sale, $20.00 a box(50). When that's gone it'll be the next Match grade ammo deal I've found.
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      Interesting topic that I have heard much internet speculation about.

      Generally if I am every day carrying one of my semi-auto .45s I carry factory JHPs, from whatever manufacturer is cheapest at the time (usually Hornady.) If I have one extra magazine its JHPs as well, but the second spare magazine will be FMJ. You never know what life will throw at you + I always follow the scout motto.

      When I am running or cycling I only carry a .380, but I load it with factory FMJ because I have concerns about the reliability of JHPs in both feeding and penetration of vital areas with that tiny pistol. This gun becomes my pocket carry BUG almost every other time.

      However, to the theme of this topic --- I do sometimes carry my own reloads in certain circumstances. When hiking in extremely remote areas west of the Mississippi, I'll carry my own .357 Mag hard-cast, lead semi-wad-cutters with a large meplat on the bullet. This is only when I am carrying one of my 6" or longer barreled magnums and where I am more concerned about lions & bears than other people --- even then I often upgrade my "BUG" to a smaller .357 or 9mm (that I can conceal in town). These reloads (a John Taffin recipe) are the perfect (for me) balance between felt recoil and muzzle energy. So I know I can shoot them extremely accurately & I could hunt with them if for some reason I needed to. Yes, I travel with all this hardware checked on plane & have never had an issue. Sometimes I carry the same set-up around my property & home just because I want to. I'm not all that concerned about goblins in the semi-rural area that I live in though.

      I would say, the #1 concern is be confident, trained and proficient in whatever gun/load combo you choose to carry. We all need to work on this.
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