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    In your opinion what is the best method for case cleaning? vibritory, or ultrasonic ? and why do you like this method over the other

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    I'm not sure what the best is. I use corn cob and a cap of nufinish car wax with great results. I tumble clean pickups for about 2 hours and old range brass for about 4 hours and they come out better then new.
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      I've never tried the ultrasonic cleaners so I can't compare them, but 50/50 mix of corncob and walnut, with a few tablespoons of mineral spirits to help clean the carbon and a bit of nufinish to polish them up. Works really well.
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        You left one out. Stainless Steel media tumbling. There are all kinds of Pro/Con lists out on the net. Here are some things to think about. Dry tumbling is cheap, reasonably effective on most dirt, and has worked for a long time. It does tend to produce dust, and there can be bad things in that dust. The wet methods have been known to produce "shinier" brass for folks (whatever that means to you), get the inside of the case cleaner, and keep the dust/particulates contained.

        SS tumbling has a pretty high intro cost, but the media is basically indestructible. So it pays off in the long run somewhere. It does add one somewhat significant extra step to the process, namely drying. After vibrating or tumbling with wet media/solution, you must dry the brass completely prior to any further reloading operation. Maybe a big step, maybe not.

        Now, all that said, I still dry tumble with corn or walnut, and sometimes a little brass polish. Mostly because I have been doing it this way for a long time and it works, but I am really getting sick of the dust. I am seriously thinking of moving to SS wet. The results that I have seen are really compelling if you can afford the upfront, and don't mind the extra step of drying.



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          Ive done vibratory because that's just what I purchased when I first got into it. Add to the fact that I don't have a lot of space to do the drying is another reason.

          One thing I do like about the ultrasonic though is you can also clean your gun in it. I really don't see putting a barrel in an vibratory tumbler as a good move.


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            We use two methods depending on the amount needed to be cleaned.

            Small amounts of specialty brass we use the stainless pin wet method. I recommend a dehydrator to speed the drying process. Bought a 5 tier from that harbor something or other store :lol: . It will dry the brass faster than the tumbler will clean it.

            Large amounts we use a cement mixer. 5 gallon bucket of brass goes in with corn cobb purchased in bulk from Andersons. Add nu finish and laquer thinner in equal parts. If you use enough additive you can clean 7k 9mm in about 45 minutes that way.
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              Been dry tumbling for over 30yrs. Finally bought some ss pins and tried them in one of my rock tumblers. Was impressed with the results. Had problems with pins stuck in flash holes and inside bottle neck brass. Then tried ss chips from Southern Shine Media. All the difference in the world! In my personal opinion chips are it! Don’t bother with pins at all. I am using a cheap 9 tray stacking dehydrator that given to me, works great and have sold my large vib tumbler.