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Selling Milsurp .308 in Toledo

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  • Selling Milsurp .308 in Toledo

    Time to cull a caliber. I'm keeping the Garand and .30-06, but my supply of .308 ammo needs a better home (or homes).

    Israeli IMI Match M-852 in .308.
    168 gr HPBT, boxer primed, non-metalic
    I have for sale 3x300 rd cans ('94, '97, and '99) and one partial with 240 rds ('98), though I might mix vintages in each can.

    South African .308 (Hard to find since import was cut off mid 2000s)
    140 rd battlepacks. Buy 9 and they come in the original metal tub, if you want it. The tubs hold 1,260rds.
    1 50 cal can full of 20 rd boxes

    Prices subject to change, up or down, depending on response.

    Offers for 10, 15, and 20 round M1A magazines will be considered.

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    Hey me about your ammo. I make it up your way regularly and might consider a purchase if you still have it all.
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      Aaron, I just sent you a PM.