High grass causes true game of 'chicken'

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High grass causes true game of 'chicken'

Post by KnightOfTheOldeCode » Sun May 24, 2009 3:30 am

High grass causes true game of 'chicken'

With all the ongoing local media hub bub of Sycamore Township trustees/ zoning inspector sanctioning that little old lady with her "urban farming" chickens - a few chickens in her yard and their strict enforcement against that - one can only wonder why their Super Trooper (aka Poultry Police) has not enforced or cited someone for the flagrant uncut grass that has been ongoing this season already at the intersection of Interstate 275 and Montgomery Road in Sycamore Township, and other similar interchanges?

It would appear that while some Sycamore Township citizenry had already had their fourth lawn mowing cut of this season, Sycamore Township and ODOT have yet to make their first cut of the season out there as of early this current week.


Anyone attempting to drive/ turn westbound on this ramp from either direction of Montgomery Road risks a motor vehicle impact, serious personal injury, and possibly even worse due to this condition in my personal opinion.

Do they have to wait for a tragedy to happen, or a lawsuit to be filed, to commence action?

I cannot recall in over a score of years of Sycamore Township residency of any Sycamore Township or other citizenry ever being attacked, injured or worse by any live poultry creature, ala backyard chickens, but I can sure recall where to the lack of common sense safety issues people have had their property damaged, been physically injured, and worse, due to the lack of action at various locations in and around Sycamore Township.

It is worthy of note that both, Sycamore Township (trustees) and the city of Montgomery apparently are opposed to "urban farming" based upon their media sound bytes and stories while in Hamilton County's largest city and county seat, Cincinnati, the mayor/council apparently approve of this type of "greenie" environmental lifestyle and are allowing it to be promoted through the media.

On another note, while visiting some of the public parks in both of these communities, Bechtold Park in Sycamore Township, and Swaim Park in Montgomery, patrons of these two parks will note the absence of any, repeat, any erected upright posts and signage with any attached stop sign(s) at their vehicular and amubulatory traffic exits as patrons depart and enter upon the proximate main thorofares of the county and municipality maintained roadway surface areas.

Should not the absence of this type of safety signage be a cause for immediate installation of same at both of these locations, as well as any other locales that may be applicable especially as we approach our summer season?

As both communities have other interchanges along these county, township, municipal, and state maintained highways systems why should I and/ or any other taxpayer have to request this action as necessary when it so affects us - one and all?

I believe that some of these safety priorities should be immediately addressed, investigated, and corrected.

If applicable, repeat as necessary at all appropriate locations of mutual concern.

Otherwise something tragic may befall those that utilize them.

"Jay" Janus Jr. is a disability advocate/ paralegal. He lives in Sycamore Township.

http://communitypress.cincinnati.com/ap ... 905220325/
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Post by Brian D. » Mon May 25, 2009 8:33 am

In this economy I suspect we're going to see more UNmaintained city/township/county/state parks than maintained ones. Ohio already has some state parks that they have all but abandoned, because those particular ones don't have revenue-generating facilities such as golf courses, lodges/cabins, campgrounds, etc.
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