Help us fight for your rights

Discuss gun rights in Ohio, coordinate activism and learn who the pro gun lawmakers are and how to support them.

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Help us fight for your rights

Post by Skip_Cross » Sat Jun 06, 2009 11:43 pm

Today in my e-mail. Please read and act!

Dear Friend,

I'm worried. And I'll tell you why.

Over the last few years, we have won many gun rights battles. We helped bring concealed carry to Ohio. We now have Castle Doctrine to make us safer in our homes. We even won a historic Supreme Court case to establish gun ownership as an individual right.But I think all these victories have put many Ohio gun owners to sleep.They think that since we've done so well recently, we have nothing to worry about. Even the new Democrat administration seems to be shrugging their shoulders at gun issues.

But this is all an illusion.

Right now as you read this, gun-hating activists across the nation (and around the world) are planning to make their move against the Second Amendment of the United States. Obama has appointed the single most anti-gun administration in the history of America. George Soros is quietly funneling millions to radical left-wing groups. The United Nations is pushing a treaty to overstep our domestic laws and allow our Constitutional rights to be swept away.

The stage is being set and they are waiting for the right moment. Our foes have great patience and have learned to avoid face-to-face battles. When it comes, it will be a surprise attack. Especially to those not paying attention. This is exactly how it happened in England and other countries. They didn't prepare. And now their rights are gone.This is why I'm worried. And this is why I'm asking you to help us prepare. Starting today.

I'm not asking for money, though if you want to donate, we appreciate it. I'm asking you to help us do something of vital importance. It may take you less than two minutes. But it could literally change the course of gun rights in Ohio.

Our newsletter subscriber list is our single most important asset. This is what lets us get the word out to thousands of Ohio gun owners and Second Amendment supporters. It is what makes us so incredibly effective and has helped us accomplish so much.

When something happens, we can literally rally thousands of citizens within minutes. This helps us generate calls to legislators, fill committee rooms with ardent supporters, sway elections in favor of pro-gun candidates who will say "no" to bad legislation and "yes" to good legislation. It even lets us communicate the truth to the media, who have slowly but surely started to see that we have been right all along about the positive effect of gun rights in Ohio.So here's what I'm asking you to do.

I want you to get 5 people to subscribe to Buckeye Firearms News. Don't be shy about it. Be aggressive. I want to double our subscriber list. Double our ability to sound the alarm. Double our effectiveness when it counts the most.

Don't just ask 5 people to subscribe. TELL 5 people to subscribe. Tell them what is at stake. Tell them that no one is safe ... not hunters, not collectors, not reloaders, not bullseye shooters, not anyone. Tell them we will send them a newsletter each week that will keep them informed about what's happening in Ohio and the nation so they won't be caught unprepared.If you don't know what to say, say this ...I subscribe to Buckeye Firearms News and I think you should too. This free e-mail newsletter  keeps you up-to-date on the politics, legislation, events, and opinions that affect your gun rights in Ohio. And when you subscribe, you can download a free copy of The Grassroots Action Guide for Ohio Gun Owners.Subscribe here:

Just 5 subscribers. Can you do that? If everyone does it, we'll have tens of thousands of new subscribers and supporters. That's how we'll win the battles ahead. That's how you can make your mark on the history of Ohio gun rights.

Don't be one of those sleepy gun owners who sit around letting other people fight their battles. Stand up for your rights. Help us prepare. Today. Now.

5 subscribers. That's all I'm asking.Thank you for your loyal and relentless support. YOU are why we have been so successful in Ohio. And it's only with YOUR help that we will continue to win.

Yours for Freedom,
Jim Irvine

P.S. If you want to get really aggressive about this, enter the e-mail addresses of 5 people you know who care about gun rights in our subscription form. It's in the upper left of every page on our website. Then e-mail your friends and tell them you've signed them up. They will have to confirm their subscription, and we won't send anything unless they agree. 
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Post by jnor » Sun Jun 07, 2009 3:43 pm

Just did it !!!!

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Re: Help us fight for your rights

Post by miestro_jerry » Sat May 15, 2010 1:13 pm

I remember when the city of Columbus enacted it's first gun ban, the largest peaceful demostration in the cities history happened the day the ban became law, not for the gun ban, but against it. The city lost the revenue from the bimonthly gun shows that were put on by OGCA. OGCA moved and other gunshows popped up, so effectively the gun ban did notheing except cause a loss of income to the city.

The politicians don't listen to the people, they do what they want. That is why I moved out of the city.

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