AR 22 Conversion

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AR 22 Conversion

Post by djmac1964 » Sun Mar 27, 2011 11:08 pm

Took my Bushmaster AR 15 to the range today for the second time, had to try out the 22 conversion kit the I bought a few weeks ago. I was pretty impressed at its performance, zero malfunctions, except when the kids were using the mag as a rest, which caused several double feeds. Once they figured out what the sand bag was for we put several hundred rounds through it without any problems.

I have the AR zeroed at the standard 250 meter military zero, with Federal 5.56x45, XM193 Ball ammo. At 25 yds with the 22 conversion it was dead on, and shot about a 2" group. I like to have a little tighter group with a 22, but with iron sights I figure it's not too bad, and blame the shooter rather than the gun!

I didn't really expect too much at 50 yds, but was shocked to shoot a 4" group just below the bulls-eye. I guess I need to shoot a little more to get my aim point down with the 22 ammo! Overall I was very happy with the way it shot! :mrgreen:

The down point of the day was when I broke out the cheap, crappy, Tula Ammo 223 Remington that I got at Wally World, before I did a little ammo research. I thought, OK, the kids will be shooting, I'll shoot up the cheap stuff. I only loaded up 10 rds per mag to stretch it out a bit, and make it last. After changing from the 22 conversion I ran two mags of Federal 5.56x45 through it without any problems at all! When I ran the Tula Ammo through it I couldn't make it through one mag without a malfunction. I had FTE, double feeds, fail to fully chamber a round (had to use the forward assist), and even had a few that just didn't strip a round from the mag, which resulted in pulling the trigger on and empty chamber.

For the record, the first time I had this rifle to the range I put about 120 rds through it, using every mag I had, and didn't have any problems at all, it shot absolutely perfect, with about a 6" group at 115 yds! I give full credit for the problems I had to the cheap ammo that I tried to shoot today. I was able to shoot a 3 inch group with it at 50 yds, even with all the crap I had to deal with from the cheap ammo. With that being said, I will never buy the cheap, steel cased ammo again, from what I have read the Federal XM193 Ball is the way to go, and it did preform well when I shot it!
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Re: AR 22 Conversion

Post by WileyCoyote » Thu Apr 07, 2011 12:08 am

sounds like you've got a great setup for taking the kids to the range!
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Re: AR 22 Conversion

Post by willbird » Thu Apr 07, 2011 7:32 am

I'd look for a cheap upper to dedicate to the 22 conversion, they pump a LOT of crap into the gas system that does not need to be there.
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