Idea for 12 GAUGE gallery loads, 38/357 too

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Idea for 12 GAUGE gallery loads, 38/357 too

Post by willbird » Mon Dec 12, 2011 12:42 pm

I worked this out many years ago when I was bored one day.

You will need a way to deprime and reprime 12 gauge hulls. You will need some 12 gauge wads (no reason other gauges would not work with the proper wads) and a sharp knife.

First take a fired deprime hull, and shove a wad into the case BACKWARDS, then taker your sharp knife and shorten the shell so that maybe 1/16" of the base of the wad sticks out. You can use them untrimmed but the crimped ends quickly get "weird", but if you doubt how much fun this is, just try a few untrimmed and you will be hooked.

Then take enough hulls to at least fill the gun up, and cut them to the same length, then prime them (no powder needed), and shove wads in (backwards) and then the fun starts. load the gun and shoot them :-). With a scope sighted deer gun (I see no idea why irons would not work just as well) I was easily able to hit 1 quart empty motor oil jugs at 25 feet every time. The wads from that range will also make a hole in a cardboard box. They are really addictive, and allow a new shooter to work with the mighty 12 gauge with NO recoil....and thus practice all the stuff needed to hit with it without the flinch issue ever coming up. The wads fly like a badminton birdie...straight and true.

For the 38/357 if you have some speer shot capsules on hand, try loading them with primer only, and NO SHOT in the capsule, for some reason an empty capsule does not break up when fired, and again becomes a gallery practice bullet, I even filled a few with lithium grease and they did not break up until impact.

Have fun :-).
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Re: Idea for 12 GAUGE gallery loads, 38/357 too

Post by stephen45-70 » Tue Dec 13, 2011 9:25 pm

this might interest you a bit if you like playing with shotguns

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