Selecting a powder

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Selecting a powder

Post by Hedgelj » Wed Feb 13, 2013 10:50 pm

So in normal times when you have choices of available powders at the store how do you select which one you want?

I know that when I have looked in a reloading book there are multiple powders listed for different each bullet. For example going to the Hodgdon reloading section on their website for a Sierra Matchking HPBT .224 77 grain bullet there are 12 different powders listed. They all give basically the same pressures and velocities in the range of their minimum to maximum loads so what is the difference? How do I know which one to choose over another one?

Also, do you all have particular powders you prefer for certain applications?
Basically I'm planning on reloading
.45 acp for range shooting/training/occasional shooting matches (IDPA/USPSA type)
9mm for the same
.44 mag for target and hunting so more precision shooting
.223 in an AR15 for range/target/classes
.223 for precision varmint (groundhog/coyote) hunting and potentially for wild pigs
.243 for precision shooting/hunting
.270 for hunting/precision shooting

There may be the occasional other rounds tossed in as well but that's the majority of what I plan on reloading and shooting.
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Re: Selecting a powder

Post by cfranks82 » Wed Feb 13, 2013 11:04 pm

I like HS-6 for 9mm. 6.9 grains behind a 115 grain plated bullet.


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Re: Selecting a powder

Post by willbird » Thu Feb 14, 2013 11:01 am

For rifle powders my first choice is always a Hodgdon EXTREME powder. Then I look for the highest velocities for a given bullet weight, then I run the pressure through my built in decision maker (brain), I will pick a lower velocity if it also comes with a low pressure. Sort of the same process for handguns but there are more criteria based on the level of the loading. Is this to be a target or midrange load ?? Cleanliness of the powder, and also how bukly is the charge. These selections often pull you in opposite directions. A target load might use titegrooup because it works really well in mild loads, and leaves the gun really clean, even though a double charge will fit in the case.

For a lot of handguns you can get by just fine with Universal if you will settle for less than "magnum" velocities in the magnum calibers.

For rifles Varget will fill a lot of uses in a lot of calibers.
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Re: Selecting a powder

Post by Rich 2.0 » Thu Feb 14, 2013 6:58 pm

easy bro . here what i personally use ..

4320 for all 223. period

and tightgroup for all 38,9,44,45 acp ...

the only 2 powders i will ever use............ :wink:
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Re: Selecting a powder

Post by Ranger 230 » Thu Feb 14, 2013 11:05 pm

I've been using and really like VV N320 for 45acp. It meters like water and is very clean. Yea it's price point is high but has great characteristics behind a 200 gr LSWC.
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