Tactical Defense Institute: Active Shooter/Killer Response

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Tactical Defense Institute: Active Shooter/Killer Response

Post by rjrivero » Mon Mar 04, 2013 6:48 pm

I had the opportunity to attend the Active Shooter/Killer class given by John Benner, founder of TDI. He and his cadre came out to NW Ohio to give the class as part of the local school district allowing the arming of faculty and staff. Thanks also goes to the Buckeye Firearms Association for their participation in setting this up for us as well.

The program included a history of Active Shooters/Killers and their techniques and levels of planning. We also discussed the physiology of stress and how it effects the responder's OODA loop responses. Emphasis was on how to move slowly enough to make the OODA loop work for you and not against you.

We worked on rounding corners, and identifying threats in the room by "slicing the pie." We worked angles in stairwells, and techniques to maximize cover while addressing the confrontation. We worked on decision making and after the shoot concerns for victims. We also worked techniques for "swimming up stream" in a hallway filled with people trying to get away from the shooter/trouble as you're going upstream trying to get to the trouble.

The second day was pretty much working scenarios. We used AIRSOFT for the force on force training. The reality that stuck with me is that it took 10-16 seconds to respond to the call from down the hallway, but that 10-16 seconds was an ETERNITY for those of us in the room with the shooter. Time is really distorted. They ran a stopwatch on us at each scenario. Being in the room with a guy shooting airsoft at you for 10 seconds before the responder arrives seems like forever. 4 minutes for the police to get there would be an ETERNITY.

I would highly recommend this training program for any school district considering arming teachers. This was an eye opener for sure.

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