Project AT&T 24" .223 Wylde Build

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Project AT&T 24" .223 Wylde Build

Post by CW78 » Wed Aug 06, 2014 11:55 pm

The parts list
RGuns Lower
PSA Parts kit
Giessele 3.5lb trigger
UTG Pistol Grip
Ace Skeleton Stock, buffer tube and buffer
AR Stoner .223 Wylde 24" Stainelss barrel, turned and threaded by Gun Envy
Troy .875 gas block and BCM gas tube
Stainless Muzzle Brake from Ebay
BCM 15" Keymod
BCM4 Upper Receiver
BCM VLTOR Mod 2 Charging Handle
Fail Zero Nickel Boron Bold Carrier Group
Harris Bipod with keymod swivel adapter
BCM Keymod QD sling attachment with Mako sling swivel
Burris Ballistic II 12 power optic with 1/2" risers

The build

This was my first complete build (upper and lower.) I've built lowers before, but not with a custom trigger so that was an experience. It wasn't too much different, but the hammer spring seemed to be stronger making it a lot more squirly trying to get it stuffed into position. The keymod rail went on easy, but once I got it on, I realized I needed to have it off to put the sling swivel mount for the bipod on with the rail off. Getting it back off without damaging it was a real pain in the arse. I did manage to get it off with a piece of plastic and some hammer persuasion. The only other challenge was getting the foam on the buffer tube. I eventually added some hand soap and it slipped right on. I had to file the crush ring down just a bit to get the brake to clock right also.

The product

As expected, it's front heavy with the long bull barrel but that weight rests mostly on the bipod. It's 44" stock to brake. I love the keymod. I'm not a fan of having sharp edged rails that don't even get used everywhere. The keymod gives me the option of adding accessories by adding a rail or there are more and more keymod accessories coming out every month. I like this one so far and more will be used in future builds for sure. The Ace stock, even with the foam difficulty, is great. Its got a good feel, it's solid as a rock and I think it just looks mean!

The range

I took it to the range for testing and break in. 120 rounds of 55g later, it never skipped a beat. It puts the brass about 6' to 4 O'clock. I didn't intend to zero the scope at all, but I did want to see how it looked and felt using it. After about 20 rounds, it worked its way loose. Lesson learned, bring a wrench and use Loctite next time when mounting the optic. Recoil was little bit more than I wanted, but it still was minimal. Every shot at 100 yard, I could watch the dust kick up behind the target and it is quick to get back on target for subsequent shots. The Nickel Boron BCG performed will, I did oil the rifle before shooting, but mostly because there are parts in the gun that are not NiB that like to be lubed too. The down side of the NiB BCG was at home cleaning it. I'm afraid to scrape it because I don't want to ruin the finish. So I scrubbed, and scrubbed, and scrubbed. It's still not as shiny as it was when new. :esad:

The next range trip will be a lot less fun getting the scope zeroed in.

Yes, I put 90 rounds down the Zaztava on Sunday too for shitz and giggles.

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Re: Project AT&T 24" .223 Wylde Build

Post by ThawMyTongue » Thu Aug 07, 2014 8:50 am

Nice rifle! Reach out and touch someone... 8) Make sure you update us on that scope. My boss wants one, but I haven't heard anything about them in action.

If you wanted to address the recoil at any point an adjustable gas block and/or light buffer might help with that recoil impulse.

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